In 2021, Kalyan co-founded DataCebo, the commercial spin-off of the MIT Data-to-AI Lab’s Synthetic Data Vault (SDV), to help businesses utilize synthetic data to test and train their machine learning models without compromising real data and user privacy. DataCebo is backed by Zetta Venture Partners and Uncorrelated Ventures.

In 2015, Kalyan co-founded Feature Labs with Max Kanter and Ben Schreck to help organizations transform their raw, noisy data into intelligent representations using data science automation tools. Feature Labs was funded in part by Flybridge Capital Partners. The company was acquired by Alteryx (NYSE:AYX) in 2019.

In 2014, Kalyan co-founded PatternEx, a cyber security startup focused on developing the first active learning based solution for identifying new security threats and constantly evolving models that detect threats. PatternEx was funded in part by Khosla Ventures. The company was acquired by Corelight in 2020.